Luckia Casino has sights locked on promising Brazilian market

US residents are still not allowed to gamble over the Internet, at least not nationwide. A couple luckia-logoof states have already made the necessary amendments to gambling laws to allow local people to play their favorite games online.

Luckia Casino is actively involved in both these markets and it also has its sights locked on the potentially lucrative South American countries.

Under these circumstances, the European market is the biggest one at the moment, although things are clearly moving into the right direction in Asia as well.

There are a couple of gambling opportunities here and Brazil could be the next expansion, especially now that politicians are inclined to support a new gambling bill. The reason for why they are finally ready to pay attention to this draft is that the local economy is struggling and it needs any financial aid it can get.

All over the world, governments are trying to maximize the revenue by collecting taxes from online casinos, since they tend to be very profitable ventures. In South America in general and Brazil in particular, players are allowed to wager over the Internet but casinos are not properly licensed and regulated.

The result is a bit surprising, since players spend their money with international casinos, but the state doesn’t benefit from their actions.


This could all change if the 186 passes by the end of the year, something that is regarded as very likely by pundits worldwide. Luckia Casino is on the online gambling operators that pays close attention to what happens in Brazil, because it will also apply for a license. Sees the casino is dedicated to working closely with the authorities and doesn’t mind paying a fee for the right to operate within national borders, it will benefit from such a legal framework.

It is the task of the Senate Commission for Regional Development and Tourism to analyze the famous the 186, which was until recently ignored. The troubled nation economy can definitely use the new revenues generated by online gambling, so for the first time in a decade this bill has a chance to pass.

Obviously, this is only the first step and more efforts need to be made into the same direction, but even the longest voyage begins with a single step.

Luckia Casino remains optimistic about his chances to operate in South America and it will be a great success to start this adventure with Brazil. While the market is going quickly, the local economy overall is slowing down and the fact that it faces the lowest growth in more than 20 years is worrisome to say the least.

All these factors could result in a perfect storm and the facts are not going to be that bad after all, especially law-abiding online casinos are even a chance to enter the market.