Playtech adds Virtual Tennis Game to Coral Casino

Coral Casino is the division of the popular gambling operator that looks after those passionate logo-coralabout slot machines, table games and video pokers.

Those who have an account here know all too well that these guys also cover other genres, such as poker and sports betting.

They encourage players to explore all of them and provide them with an easy way to transfer funds from one category to the other. They don’t have a unified account but don’t charge any fees or commission, so the transfers are seamless.

In their attempts to breach these genres, they go a step further and presents members with a unique opportunity to win cash. If you enjoy sports betting and tennis in particular, then you can consider yourself lucky. Hopefully, you will also learn to love slot machines because this new promotion is aimed specifically at such a game. Virtual Tennis is a game that uses the latest graphics and just as the name indicates, celebrate the beautiful sport.


Compared to regular games, this one was the result of a collective effort that includes experts from many fields. The developers worked for one and a half years to come up with a title that brilliantly captures the very essence of tennis. They had to work with 3-D designers and other professionals, to make sure that the animations are authentic. If you have spent some time on the tennis court and play the game yourself, you will be even more impressed by the outcome.

Playtech is the software developer powering many of their games and the one behind this virtual sport as well. Famous for their great looking video slots and the progressive jackpot games, these guys have crossed another threshold. Coral Casino players who didn’t get the chance to enjoy it shouldn’t wait any longer because the associated promotions will expire soon. Only time will tell how long will the casino decided to extend them, but there’s no point in pushing your luck.

Nearly 100 cameras were used to capture every detail of athletes, so that the virtual sport would be as accurate as possible. Virtual tennis is an amazing game by any standards and it is produced in partnership with the famous movie company Warner Bros. a lot of effort was put in the creation of this game, but it was definitely worth the time and energy.