The mobile Thrills Casino app now available on all mobile devices


At the dawn of Thrills online casinos, players were mesmerized by the convenience of gambling thrills_logo_partnersfrom the comfort of their home.

The fact that the collection of games will continue to, as compared to the titles available in land-based casinos was hardly surprising but very few paid attention given all the advantages.

It didn’t take long for the online gambling operators to expand their collection of games so much that it would match and even surpassed what brick-and-mortar operators can brag about.
Technology is unstoppable and its advancements self evident, with Internet casinos trying constantly to make their service better and more accessible.

Thrills Casino was relatively late to the party, but they managed to close the gap separating them from the leaders in a short period of time. They had the advantage of using the modern technologies and instead of wasting time trying to adjust their roster of games to the new realities, they started on the right foot.


As a promoter of mobile gambling, it took advantage of the propensity for smartphones and tablets that Scandinavian players are famous for. They hit two birds with one stone, because this casino is aimed almost exclusively at Norwegian and Swedish players.

The popularity of their promotions and the generosity of the recent offers have attract players from all over Europe, but Scandinavian still represent the majority of their customer base.

They were able to use mobile devices for gambling purposes right from the future, but just when you thought that things couldn’t possibly get better than this, Thrills Casino raised the bar even further. It benefits from the store support of Bonnier Gaming, the parent company and one of the most representative gambling operators in the world.

They’re among the first to respond to the advancements of technology and whenever new solutions become available, they are quick to implement them on a large scale.
Recently, all those who enjoy using smartphones and tablets to play online casino games and Thrills Casino had a pleasant surprise.

They were notified by customer support that a dedicated mobile app is now available and it can be downloaded for free from the official website. The idea is to make it even more convenient for players to navigate the website and play the available games, using nothing more than the mobile gadgets.

The advantage of having a dedicated application for mobile gambling is that players can use the same devices to make deposits and withdrawals in real-time and with no unnecessary delays. The bottom line is that now that the fantastic web app developed by Globalmouth is now available, players have no reason to turn to their desktop computers for gambling.

The application is using the Sencha Touch framework, famous for its stability and reliability while being built with HTML5/CSS3.